kitchen4The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the room where most families will spend their nights catching up on their days and spending quality time together on the weekends, but it is also one of the most difficult rooms to keep clean. There are a few reasons that this is the case, but it doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for a less than clean kitchen. The team at The Master’s Touch has cleaned plenty of homes in the Gilbert area and in that time we have found some of the most common reasons that kitchen spaces remain messy even when you feel as though you’ve worked extremely hard to create a clean space. Below are 5 of the reasons that we have found kitchens feel endlessly messy.

Dishes Aren’t Put Away

Whether you use your dishwasher or you handwash your dishes, the task of actually having no dirty dishes leaves you with the satisfaction of having a cleaner kitchen. While that is the case, your kitchen can still look pretty messy if they aren’t put away immediately. One of the ways that you can quickly improve the cleanliness of your kitchen is by drying your dishes once they’re done being washed and put them back where they belong.

Find a Home for All Your Kitchen Utensils

This is one of the biggest tips to having an organized space, regardless of the room. Whether you’re cleaning or you’re moving in, it’s absolutely necessary that you create a space for all of your kitchen utensils and belongings. This will make putting clean items away much easier and allows for everything to look nicer, almost immediately.

kitchen5Give into a Junk Drawer

While the name doesn’t exactly sound ideal, it’s time that you give into the fact that you’re going to need a junk drawer. There are just certain utensils and items that will never have a place that they belong, and for those items you have your junk drawer. In the case that it does get cluttered, you can clean it out and remove any items you don’t use anymore, but you will see that this drawer does help remove clutter from your counters.

Make it a Group Effort

The fact of the matter is that we use our kitchen for more than just cooking, so it goes without saying that this space can get a little messy. If you really want to keep the space clean, make it a group effort! Whether you set aside a specific time or you guys make a rule where people are required to clean up after using the space, this will help reduce the random clutter that kitchens so often experience.

These tips are all great ways to reduce clutter within your kitchen, but let’s face it, it takes the touch of a professional housekeeping service to really leave you with a kitchen that feels clean when you walk in. Trust the maids at The Master’s Touch to get all of the grime out of your kitchen so that you can enjoy it for all that it truly is. Call to schedule your kitchen cleaning, or full residential cleaning with our team today.