Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With respect to news about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we need to ensure our clients and cleaners that our focus continues to be the health and safety of everyone we work with in our community.

Clients are asked to cancel their current cleaning if they, their family or guests are ill – and we will return at a later time to clean your house. Some clients have compromised immune systems due to other health issues and have temporarily suspended services, playing it extremely safe. Others have hired us recently to clean and disinfect their homes thoroughly – and we will, to the best of our abilities.

Our cleaners will not knowingly come to work nor enter a client’s house if they are ill. Working in teams of two, each cleaner is asked to verify each day that their partner is not displaying symptoms of being sick throughout the day. Part of their benefits include paid time off allocated to remain at home until they are well enough to return to work. Currently none of our employees have been in contact with any positive case clients – and to our knowledge, we have no positive case clients.

In addition to our Lysol brand disinfectant products, we now use a 10% bleach mix that is used on many of the non-porous surfaces including counter tops, knobs, handles and switch plates – the most common touch points.

As part of standard practice, towels used in one area of the house are not reused in another. The daily laundry of all towels always runs through a bleach wash cycle and high heat drying to ensure any bacteria does not remain trapped within the fibers. This is a practice that has always been followed.

Our cleaning products and sanitizing agents remain in good supply and we will do our best to keep your house clean and germ-free after we’re done with our job.

The link below is to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and provides information on COVID-19